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Monotheka is a (yet!) simple application to organize and keep track of your movie catalogue. It runs on Linux platform using the GTK toolkit. It's designed to be simple and GNOME / HIG compliant. It's written in Mono. It's free.

Latest release is: 0.0.7

Monotheka is in an early stage of development, but it's already pretty usable. Development happens on Novell Forge, you're encouraged to join the project.

On NF you can also report a bug, discuss Monotheka on forum or subscribe to the developers mailing list.


01/04/2006 00:01:000.0.7 quickfix

This a maintainance release that fixes some compilation problems under newer mono versions.

14/09/2005 02:01:000.0.6 lingers on

This is mostly a maintaince release. New features include Ant Movie Catalogue import filter by Aurelien Mino. Apart from that some bugfixes and various patches people sent me. Enjoy.
BTW, I'm looking for a new Gentoo ebuild maintainer.

14/05/2005 12:02:000.0.5 with HTML plugin

I just released 0.0.5 to general public. Two big hits in this version are: the plugin to export movies to HTML (documentation on templates here) and the plugin to quickly mail the movie collection using e-mail client. Other changes include bugfixes to both IMDB & Filmweb plugins and other small changes to make the default behaviour more sane. I hope to make a huge code-rewrite now, and focus on the usability & HIG in the next version.

10/04/2005 17:18:450.0.4 lands on the moon

Get Monotheka 0.0.4 while it's hot! :) The biggest hit in this release is a FilmwebGet plugin - to automatically fetch data from Filmweb database. Other stuff includes some additional movie highlighting, customzations and great deal of bugs fixed. You should be pretty satisfied with this release, although you might complain about the speed of certain operations (if you have > 300 movies in your collection). We're going to fix that soon.
In other news - I'm looking for someone to maintain the Gentoo ebuilds for monotheka in future. I recently moved to Archlinux distribution, and it'll be hard for me to keep the ebuilds tested & functional.

29/03/2005 23:21:44 - One more before 0.0.4

One more bugfix release. 0.0.4 with new features is slowly coming down the road, but it will not happen in the upcoming two weeks. Hence - one more 0.0.3 release with a serious bug (#914) fixed. A few other bugs also punished.

19/03/2005 13:11:00 Quickfix

Version is online. This is a quickfix release for people who had problems compiling Monotheka 0.0.3 on Mono 1.0.x. Monotheka requires now Mono 1.0.6 due to serious bugs in Mono 1.0.5 WebClient. Aditionally a minor sorting bug has been fixed.

17/03/2005 15:00:00 0.0.3 is out!

Version 0.0.3 is out! This version features a GetFrom plugin architecture (to automatically fetch movie data from external sources) + IMDB Plugin (to get movie data from Internet Movie DataBase). Adding movies now should be much smoother. Addidionally in this realease: New layout, network settings, a daily dose od bugfixes.

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